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Check out the Modem Cost for Airtel V-Fiber and also Latest 2017 Tariff Plans. Airtel V-Fiber was launched recently to deliver high speed broadband services in many Indian cities with speeds over 100mbps. The launch of Airtel V-Fiber comes in light of the revolutionary entry of Reliance Jio Broadband Services into the Indian Market. Existing Airtel Broadband users will get a free upgrade of Airtel V-Fiber service. There is also a welcome offer under which new V Fiber users will get first 3 months of unlimited internet free.

Airtel V-Fiber Modem Cost

As per the company statement, the modem cost for Airtel V-Fiber is Rs.1,000. Existing users of Airtel Broadband has to contact the Service executive to obtain this modem.

Airtel V-Fiber Tariff Plans Mumbai

All the V Fiber plans offer Speeds of 40mbps in most Indian Cities and 100mbps speeds in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore

Plan Data Limit
V-Fiber 899 Plan 50 GB
V-Fiber 999 Plan 75 GB
V-Fiber 1199 Plan 100 GB
V-Fiber 1399 Plan 1250 GB
V-Fiber 1999 Plan 200 GB

Airtel V-Fiber Tariff Plans Other Cities

Plan Data Limit
V-Fiber 999 Plan 50 GB
V-Fiber 1099 Plan 75 GB
V-Fiber 1299 Plan 100 GB
V-Fiber 1499 Plan 1250 GB
V-Fiber 1999 Plan 200 GB

Airtel V-Fiber Review

On a trail basis, we have tested the speeds of Airtel V-Fiber and performance overall review is said to be satisfactory.

During early morning hours, the speeds are very impressive. However, between 8.00 PM and 11.00 PM, the speeds of Airtel V-Fiber are getting relatively slower.

What is Airtel V-Fiber

V-Fiber is a unique combination of fiber and Vectorization technology that delivers super fast speed. That means faster downloads, less buffering, and an ultra-reliable Wi-Fi connection for all the devices in your home.

V-Fiber is a green technology that requires no new drilling or wiring, but simply requires an upgrade to a new modem.

Airtel V-Fiber for existing broadband users

Existing Airtel broadband customers can upgrade to V-Fiber speeds at no extra monthly cost. Airtel says it will refund the modem charges if the customer is not happy with the service within one month.

Airtel V-Fiber Vs Reliance Jio

You should understand that Airtel V-Fiber is nothing but VDLS protocol to provide internet over copper cables. It is in between the ADLS and optical fiber technology.

VDLS is a cheaper way of providing fast internet with speeds in excess of 15 Mbps-100 Mbps and uploads of 5 Mbps to 60 Mbps. The negatives would include line disturbances and the need to be closer to the exchange.

Reliance Jio, on the other hand uses the advanced Fibre Optic technology.

Airtel V-Fiber Unlimited Free for 3 Months

As a welcome offer, new users who Airtel V-Fiber connection will get first three months of the internet for free.

currently, the services of Airtel V-Fiber are available in over 90 Indian cities and will soon be expanded to much more.

As Airtel is using a low cost technology for its V Fiber project, the overall costs are very less compared to Reliance Jio. This means that, the tariff plans will also be lower.

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