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CA IPCC Amendments in syllabus, CA Final syllabus amendments and changes in Tax, Costing, Law and Auditing.

CA Final Direct Tax (DT) Amendments Nov 2017 Syllabus

CA Final Direct Tax (DT) Amendments for Nov 2017 exam are very high in number. Budget 2016 will apply to Nov 2017 CA Final Direct tax exam, and therefore, all the changes brought by the Finance Act 2016 will be applicable from Nov 2017 DT exam. Starting from Salaries, almost every chapter in Direct Tax […]

CA Final Law Amendments Nov 2017 (Corporate & Allied)

CA Final Law Amendments for Nov 2017 exam will almost remain the same. Generally, May attempt will have more amendments when compared to the November attempt. Amendments of Nov 2017 CA Final Law paper are old, which have been already made applicable in the previous attempt. The Law Amendments are prepared as per the official syllabus […]

Service Tax Rate Nov 2017 CA IPCC CA Final (KKC SWC)

What is the Service Tax Rate applicable for Nov 2017 CA IPCC and CA Final exams?. Service Tax Rate will now have 3 components. The reason for this confusion among students regarding Service Tax Rate is that, when ever a new finance budget is introduced in the parliament, it is most certain that either the existing Service […]

CA Final ISCA Amendments Nov 2017 (ICAI Syllabus PDF)

Students has been sending queries regarding CA Final ISCA Amendments for Nov 2017 Exam. It is hereby clarified that, there have been a total of 18 new Amendments and Changes in CA Final ISCA Syllabus applicable for Nov 2017 exams. CA Final ISCA Amendments Study Material has also been provided below. In this post, we will list […]

CA Final IDT Amendments Nov 2017 (Indirect Tax Notes)

CA Final IDT Amendments Nov 2017 & CA Final IDT Notes : Checkout CA Final Indirect Tax Amendments applicable for Nov 2017 ICAI Exams, including recent case laws and Syllabus Changes. When compared to last attempt, there will be not many new amendments in Indirect Tax syllabus due to applicability of same Union Budget. In our […]

Business Law Amendments May 2017 IPCC Bonus PF Gratuity

CA IPCC Business Law Amendments for May 2017 are in Bonus, PF, Gratuity and NI Acts. These Amendments in IPCC Business Law Paper have been written by CA Amrita Thakkar. All the Amendments for CA IPCC Business Law May 2017 exam has been listed out in easy language and in laymen terms so that it […]

Audit Amendments Nov 2017 (CA IPCC CA Final Auditing)

CA Final Audit Amendments Nov 2017 and CA IPCC Auditing Amendments for Nov 2017 exam have been provided below. In the previous post, we have listed out all the amendments applicable in Tax and Company Law Topics. These Audit Amendments for Nov 2017 were prepared by CA Sanjay Rathod. These Amendments in Audit are provided […]

CA IPCC Law Amendments Notes Nov 2017 (New Changes)

CA IPCC Company Law Amendments Notes and B.Law Changes for Nov 2017 are very few in number. Bonus Act Law Amendments for Nov 2017 Exam are very few as compared to the amendments in Company Law and other topics. These changes in law were brought from Companies Act. Bonus Act is the part of Business Laws […]

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