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Complete Information Regarding CFA Registration, CFA Pass Rate, Books, Syllabus, Exam Date etc. CFA Level 1 and CFA Level 2 Sample Questions are also Provided.

CFA Course Details (Eligibility Salary after CA Syllabus Fee)

CFA Course Details (CFA Level 1 Course Details and CFA Level 2 Course Details) : CFA after CA is one of the most trending topics right now. Most students who have cleared the CA Exams wanted to do the CFA Course. We get queries regarding the eligibility requirement to join CFA course and Exemptions if […]

CFA Level 1 Study Guide (Recommended CFA Study Guide)

CFA Level 1 Study Guide (Recommended CFA Study Guide)

CFA Level 1 Study Guide for 6 Months is based on inputs from Prof.Walter. CFA Level 1 Exam has a total of 10 Topics, out of which Financial Reporting and Analysis has the highest Marks Weight. Before you go through the Study Guide, we would recommend you to read our earlier article on CFA Level 1 […]

CFA Level 2 Curriculum Changes 2017-2018 (PDF Download)

Checkout CFA Level 2 Curriculum Changes if any, for exams in 2017 and 2018. One of the topics in CFA Level 2 where you find changes is ‘Financial Reporting and Analysis’. For example, in 2015 CFA Level 2 Curriculum, IFRS was not present in the syllabus, however it was introduced the very next year. Below, We have […]

CFA Level 2 Study Plan 4-5-6 Months (Excel Study Planner)

CFA Level 2 Study Plan for 4 Months, 5 Months and 6 Months Study Plan has been provided below based on inputs from Prof.Racheal. CFA Level 2 Exam has a total of 10 Topics, out of which ‘Equity’ has the highest Marks Weight. Before you go through the study plan, we would recommend you to read our […]

CFA Level 2 Exam Date June 2017-2018 (CFA Institute)

Checkout CFA Level 2 Exam Date for June 2017 and also June 2018. Unlike CFA Level 1 Exam, CFA Level 2 Exam are held only in the month of June i.e., once a year. You will have to wait twelve more months to get to another exam date for CFA Level 2. In our previous […]

CFA Level 2 Weights (Historical Topic Area Weightage 2017)

Checkout CFA Level 2 Weights for 2017-2018. Unlike Level 1, CFA Level 1 Topics Weights keeps fluctuation each exam. For Example, In CFA Level 1, the Topic Weight for Financial Reporting is 20%. However, for CFA Level 2, this Topic weight is between 15-20%. Another notable difference is that, the Weightage for ‘Equity Investments’ is […]

CFA Level 1 Derivatives PDF Download | CFA Notes |

We have provided free notes on CFA Level 1 and Level 2 Derivatives in PDF Format. The PDF Notes was compressed and is mobile compatible. In our earlier article, we have already provided CFA Level 1 Books in PDF format to download for free. Derivatives were originally created in order to reduce risk for Companies and […]

CFA Level 1 Quantitative Methods PDF Notes Download

Quantitative Methods occupies a 12% weight in CFA Level 1 Syllabus. The PDF file of Quantitative Methods was contributed by Prof.Mince. In our previous article, we have already made available PDF Notes for Derivatives. Quants is the easiest subject in CFA level 1. The Key to scoring high marks in Quantitative Methods is practising lots of questions, which […]

CFA Scholarship 2017-2018 | Access Deadline Eligibility |

CFA Access Scholarship is a need-based Scholarship program and CFA Awareness Scholarship is Merit and Role Based. The CFA Access Scholarship application period for the year 2017 exams has been closed. The application for the Access Scholarship program is available online. The 2018 CFA Access Scholarship period will open from next year (detailed provided below). Below, we have […]

CFA Level 1 Coaching Mumbai (CFA Classes & Fee)

CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai : The complete list of CFA Level 1 & Level 2 Coaching Centres & Fee in Mumbai  and also CFA Classes Fee in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai were updated below. Until 2-3 years back, there are no many CFA Level 1 Coaching Institutions in Mumbai. However, due to the […]

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