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How to Handle Failure in CA Exams (Motivational Article)

Handling failure is one the important aspects before becoming a Chartered Accountant. CA students see more failures compared to other courses. This is due to the bar on pass percentage and also complexity of the course syllabus. Dear Students, As success and failure is two part of coin and everybody has to go from this […]

Strategy to Pass CA Exams (Suggestions from Ranker)

To clear CA Exams, students are advised to have a long-term strategy. Though most of the serious candidates start preparation 9-12 months before the exam date, there are candidates who successfully achieve top ranks with only a few months of dedicated study. So what matters is not the duration of the preparation, but the quality of […]

IPCC Accounting Standards Amendments Nov 2017

Important Topics and Amendments in Accounting Standards for IPCC Nov 2017 and Accounting Standards Notes in PDF were provided below. CA IPCC Students can expect around 20-24 Marks in Group-1 Accounts and Group-2 Advanced Accounting Exam, which makes Accounting Standards one of the most important topics. Students are recommended to concentrate on the below Accounting Standards before […]

How to prepare for winning CA Examination

The students of the Chartered Accountancy course have taken a good decision in their career path. It is possibly the best time to enter into the profession with the current economic development in our country coupled with the importance given to compliance under different laws, corporate governance and incentives given by the Government to attract […]

How to Present Answers in IPCC IT SM Exam

In many cases, it is seen that, students are in a notion that they are going to score good marks in IT&SM, but they end up scoring very less. Especially with Strategic Management, there are confusions regarding presentation of answers. How to Present Answers in SM: You can divide SM Syllabus into two parts. Questions […]

CA IPCC Important Topics Nov 2017 (by ICAI TOPPER)

CA IPCC Important Topics (IPCC Important Questions and Guess Chapters) Expected Questions Nov 2017 Exams are provided for Group 1 & Group 2. These Important topics and Expected Questions for CA IPCC are prepared based on inputs from All India Topper and Rankers, for theory subjects and Important Chapters and Expected Questions for IPCC are provided for […]

IPCC Indirect Tax Important Theory Questions May 2017

This is the exclusive post of Important Topics and Questions for CA IPCC Indirect Tax part. CA IPCC Indirect Tax Important Topics were divided into chapter wise modules. In each chapter of Indirect Tax Syllabus, we have provided Important Questions which are theory based and Important Topics from which students can expect practical problems. Merge […]

CA IPCC Costing FM Important Chapters Preparation Tips

Checkout How to Prepare for IPCC Costing FM. CA IPCC Costing Important Chapters for May 2017 and also Financial Management (FM) Important Topics were prepared by CA.Dheeraj Benerjee. The List of Important Chapters were based on personal experience and also careful statistical analysis. In our earlier posts, students can find Costing and FM Notes for […]

CA IPCC Law Important Questions Topics Nov 2017

Important Questions and Topics in CA IPCC Law Ethics and Communication paper were exclusively presented by CAexam. All these Important Questions were contributed by CA Vikram Shah. Mr.Vikram is an All India Ranker and scored 87 Marks in Law Paper. During the study plan, students must give important to the below listed out Important Topics […]

26 Presentation Tips CA IPCC CA Final Exam

Read the Expert written CA IPCC Presentation Tips and CA Final Paper Presentation Tips and Tricks. Already covered in our earlier article Why CA Students fail by 20-30 Marks in Exam. Students must understand that, Presentation also plays an important role for scoring good marks in exam. In this Article, we have detailed most important Presentation […]

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