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8 Reasons Why Students Fail in CA Exams

8 Reasons for Failure in CA Exams. Most Common mistakes for failure in CA IPCC and. How to succeed in CA Exams and overcome failure.  8 Reasons Why CA Students Fail Below we will list out the most important reasons as to what goes wrong in ca exam preparation and what errors should ca students avoid. 1. […]

Should You Stop Doing CA | Motivational Article |

Last two months I have got numerous emails from students who couldn’t pass their exams, the results for which were announced. I have mentioned below few of the statements sent by the students.  I am writing this because I was extremely heartfelt to read them and was wondering if I did something wrong by starting […]

Tips to Answer Theory Questions in CA IPCC Final Exam

Author: CA Vaishali Thakkar CA Vaishali is an All India Ranker in May 2015 CA Final Exams. She scored 82 Marks in Law Paper. 1. Quote the relevant sections if you remember , if not just write as per the provisions of income tax act or other as it is relevant 2. If you know […]

Trick to Answer Vouching Question in Auditing CA IPCC

Trick to Answer Verification of Assets Question in Exam: Irrespective of the question given in the exam, you just need to write the following answer. All you needed to do is replace the ‘______’ with the question given. As an example, we used ‘Furniture’. You can replace it with any other Asset. Steps involved in […]

How To Memorise Section Numbers Tax Law Auditing

How to Remember Section Numbers in CA IPCC and Final Exams? How to Memorise Section Numbers in Law and Tax. These are the most common question faced by CA Students. Amazing Trick to memorise Section Numbers. In our previous post, we have given a trick to remember Section 80 Income Tax Deductions. In this post, we […]

CA Final ISCA Study Tips Preparation Plan Imp Topics

Many students face severe difficulties while preparing for CA Final ISCA. One of the most common question asked by the students is that, How to prepare for ISCA, and how to score good marks in ISCA in very less time. Keeping these doubts in mind, we are providing this article which will hep you score […]

Quoting Section Number in CA Exams (IPCC & Final)

The Section Numbers comes into relevance in subjects like Law and Tax. One of the most common query asked by CA IPCC and CA Final students is that ‘Is is Mandatory’ to quote section numbers in ca exam. Many students are confused on matters like ‘Is it mandatory to state Section Numbers’, ‘Will marks be […]

Exam Day Tips for CA IPCC & CA Final Students

Hello Friends. Exams are nearby and you all must have been very busy in the exam preparation. You all have approximately 90 days to go for the exam and the exam fever is on its high!! So here are my few words of inspiration and tips…hope this will helpful to you. First of all little inspiration and then […]

CA Student Clears IPCC after 9 Attempts Success Story

Read the inspirational story of Mr.Govind Bhattad. Mr.Govind cleared both groups of his IPCC exam in November 2015, which is his 9th Attempt. He scored exemption in Accounting and Taxation.” What is your current state of mind at the moment? I can’t describe my feelings in words. I have been waiting for this moment for […]

Secret Tips to Score Good Marks in IT SM and ISCA

Information Technology Strategic Management and ISCA are treated as one of the hardest subjects in CA IPCC and CA Final courses. We see that most students score low in these papers. Information Technology Tips:  In IPC 50 marks has been covered by information technology and this is point where students get frustrated as its a […]

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