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GST Rates GST Rates Item Wise List GST Invoice Format GST Bill Format. Goods and Services Tax India. How to Register for GST Online in India. Job Work under GST. How Refunds are processed under GST in India. Composition Scheme under GST.

GST Certificate (How to obtain GST Registration Certificate)

A GST Certificate will be sent to the user once the Registration for GST is completed. The Process of GST Certificate in India has been provided below with detailed step by step procedure. GST or Goods and Service Tax is to come into effect in India from July 1st. There is also an online procedure to […]

HSN Code List GST PDF (Enrollment Code HSN India 2017)

Checkout exclusive HSN Code List for GST India updated for latest month in PDF. Users will require the list of HSN Code to enroll and register for GST. In our earlier article, we have already clearly explained the detailed step by step procedure to register for GST and also the GST Applicability date. The HSN […]

Aggregate Turnover under GST (Detailed Analysis & Changes)

Checkout detailed explanation on the concept of Aggregate Turnover under GST Law. We have discussed how the GST Definition of Aggregate Turnover has changed and what are the important additions and deletions. You can also read our earlier article on Impact of GST on Telecom Sector and Time of Supply of Goods under GST Law. […]

GST Returns Form GSTR-1 | Annual Return & Final Return |

Checkout detailed information on GST Returns, How to File GSTR-1 Return and its format, What is the concept of First Return under GST, Annual Returns and Due Date under GST and also GST Final Return. In our previous article, we have clearly explained the concepts of Free Supplies under GST, Job Work and implications, Capital […]

VAT to GST Registration | Migration & Transition Rules |

Below, we have provided detailed procedure on VAT to GST Registration, Migration, Transition Rules and Conversion Due Date. All Existing Tax Payers registered under VAT shall enrol with the New GST. This Article on VAT to GST Registration was written by CA Varun Jain. In our earlier posts, we have covered other GST issues such […]

Impact of GST on the Telecom Sector India ( Analysis )

The following article is an Clear cut explanation of Impact of GST on the Telecom Sector. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax reform which aims to remove tax barriers between states and create a single market. For that to happen the constitution first needs to be amended to remove different layers of governments’ exclusive […]

Zero Rated Supply GST India | Section 16 of IGST Act |

Zero Rated Supply in IGST is being introduced through Chapter VIII. Zero Rated Supplies refers to items that are taxable under GST but the Rate of Tax is Nil. The concepts of Zero Rated Supply are covered under Section 16 of the IGST Act. Below we have discussed about Meaning of Zero Rated Supplies, Input Tax […]

Free Supplies under GST Law (Promotional Items Samples)

GST Free Supplies and Samples : Taxability of Free Supplies under GST Law (Supply without consideration Free Samples and Free Goods and also Promotional items, Samples of Medicines without Consideration etc) is one of the controversial topics. There are number of case laws involved in explaining the Free Supplies and Samples treatment under GST. In […]

GST Special Audit India | Limit Checklist & File Format |

Check out the detailed explanation on GST Audit and also the concept and provisions of Special Audit File Format under GST Law. Generally, a Commissioner has authorisation to approve a GST Audit. In our previous Article, we have clearly explained GST Migration Process and also Capital Goods under GST. The Time limit to complete regular […]

Time of Supply of Goods under GST | With Latest Changes |

Under GST, knowing the Time of Supply of  Goods is very important. When compared to the old GST Law, there have been significant changes and amendments in the provisions relating to deteriming  the Time of Supply of Goods under the New GST Law. In our earlier article, explained in detail the Composition Scheme Under GST […]

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