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GST Impact on E-Commerce Industry in India | Study |

A detailed analysis on GST Impact on E-Commerce Industry in India was presented below. Over the past few years it is noticed that the e-commerce industry is continuously expanding its business activities across India. According to a report from the Associate Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), India’s e-commerce industry is likely to […]

GST Schedule-IV and Schedule-V (Latest Changes)

There have been many changes in GST Schedule IV and Schedule V. In our previous article, we have already written about the latest changes and revisions in GST Schedule III. This Article on GST Changes was contributed by CA Anand Sharma. In GST Schedule V, there are total of 5 new changes which need to […]

GST Migration Process (Service Tax Faq Last Date Portal)

Checkout the detailed Procedure on GST Migration (Including Faq on GST Migration to Service Tax Portal). We have clearly listed out 9 Important steps that are involved in migrating the GST. The GST Migration process involves creating User Accounts online, submitting Bank details etc. Details of Authorised Signatory, Goods and Services supplied are also required […]

Capital Goods Under GST (Input Tax Credit Capital Goods)

The concept of Capital Goods under GST has underwent substantial changes compared to old laws. Under GST, Capital Goods are defined in Section 2(19). As per this section, Capital Goods means goods, the value of which is capitalised in the books of accounts of the person claiming the credit and which are used or intended […]

Job Work Under GST (Rate Charges Provisions PPT)

Relating to Job Work in GST (including GST Impact on Job Worker, GST Rate and Charges on Job Work), there have been significant changes in the new GST Law when compared to the old GST. The amendments in Job Work provisions under GST are made in topics relating to obtaining approval from Commissioner, provision relating […]

Supply in GST Law (Composite Mixed & Principal Supplies)

Checkout the concept of Supply in GST. The Three new types of Supply introduced in the GST Law are Composite Supply, Mixed Supply and Principal Supply. Section 2 of the GST Law defines the concepts of Supply in three different Sub-clauses. concept of composite supply in GST regime is similar to the concept of bundled services […]

GST Council Meeting Members Composition & Chairman

Check out GST Council Meeting Members Composition, and Who is the Chairman (Head) for a GST Council Meeting. The Constitution of India is the authority under which the GST Council is created. The first meeting of the GST Council was held last September headed by Arun Jaitely. Also read our earlier posts on Composition Scheme under […]

Schedule III GST | Latest Changes and Revisions |

Schedule III of GST Law deals with mandatory registration after the taxable turnover exceeds the certain limit prescribed. GST Schedule III should be studied in association with GST Valuation Rules. In our previous post, we have provided Treatment of Input Tax Credit under GST. Below, we have provided all recent changes made in the GST Schedule […]

GST Registration India | Online Registration |

The Process of GST Registration in India has been provided below with detailed step by step procedure. GST or Goods and Service Tax is to come into effect in India from next fiscal year. There is also an online procedure to register for GST Online through your Mobile Number. Below, we have provided the Requirements […]

How to Download Error File from GST Portal (SOLVED)

How to Download Error File from GST Portal

Download Error File from GST Portal (15 Steps to Download GST Error File): Once the JSON File is uploaded to the GST Portal, Users may get an error stating that ‘Error in Processing’ or something related to that. Now, Users may have to correct that error file for which download is necessary. However, many tax […]

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