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Highest Tax Payer Celebrity India 2017 (Top 10 List)

The List of Highest Tax Payer Celebrity in India for the previous year is provided below. These Celebrity Tax payers are from multiple industries. It is known fact that Movies and Cricket enjoy the highest following in India and it is no shock that most of the Highest Individual Tax Payers in the list are from […]

CA Salary in Dubai and USA (How Much CAs Earn)

It is true that CA Salary in Dubai is higher when compared to CA Salaries paid in India. The Salary of a CA in countries like Dubai, UAE, US etc have gone up in the recent times. Due to the high demand for CAs in Dubai, companies are willing to pay higher sums to Indian CAs. […]

Famous Chartered Accountants in India | Top 5 |

Some of the Most Famous People are also Chartered Accountants. Most people are not aware that regular Celebrities were also Chartered Accountants. In This Article, We will list out Top 5 Celebrity Chartered Accountants and what made them famous. It is known fact that having a CA Degree will give you immense respect among the […]

First Chartered Accountant of India (M.No. 001)

The Certified First Chartered Accountant in India is CA.Gopaldas Padamsey Kapadia. He was awarded the first CA Certified in India on 9th June, 1950. It is the in which CA Act was passed in the Parliament. The First CA Certificate was signed by the then president Mr.S.Venkatraman. In the year 1930 it was decided that the […]

Top 5 Celebrity Quotes about Chartered Accountants

Numerous indian celebrities have openly praised the CA Course and Chartered Accountants. CA’s plays an important role in the success of any businessmen, actor or a sports person. Below, we have compiled Top 5 statements made by famous celebrities of India regarding the CA Professsion. Chartered Accountancy is considered one of the hardest courses in […]

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