Emma Stone Net Worth (House Cars Income 2017)

Emma Stone Net Worth is $17 million USD and earns an annual income of $4 million dollars. The Net Worth of Emma Stone has seen a hike of 45% over the past few years. Emma Stone is an American actress. While calculating the Net Worth of Emma Stone we have included the data updated as of this Quarter. Emma Stone recently bought a brand new Audi luxury car for $180,000. Check out the Exclusive information on Emma Stone Net Worth details such as Yearly Income, House, Investments, Car Collection, Brand Endorsements etc. Also read Net Worth details of Tom CruiseLeonardo DiCaprioKelly Ripa, Matthew Perry and Lena Headey.

Emma Stone Net Worth and Income Details

Emma Stone Net Worth (House Cars Income)

Emma Stone Net Worth $17 million USD
Annual Income $4 million USD
Personal Investments $9 million USD
Luxury Cars – 5 $1 million USD

Cars included in Emma Stone Net Worth

The Car collection of Emma Stone is quite Average. Emma Stone owns few of the best luxury cars in the world. The Car brands owned by Emma Stone include Mini Cooper, Audi and Audi.

House included in Emma Stone Net Worth

Emma Stone Resides in Beverly Hills, California’s Los Angeles County. Emma Stone bought this Luxury Home in 2012. Estimated Value of this Real Estate property around $3 Million.

Emma Stone Biography

Emily Jean Stone was born on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona, to Krista Jean Stone (née Yeager), a homemaker, and Jeffrey Charles Stone, the founder and CEO of a general-contracting company.

Emma Stone lived on the grounds of the Camelback Inn resort from the age of 12 to 15. She has a younger brother, Spencer.

Emma Stone paternal grandfather, Conrad Ostberg Sten, was from a Swedish family that anglicized their surname to “Stone” when they immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island. Emma Stone also has German, English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry.

As an infant, Emma Stone had baby colic and cried frequently; she consequently developed nodules and calluses on her vocal cords while she was a child.

Emma Stone has described herself as having been “loud” and “bossy” while growing up. She was educated at Sequoya Elementary School and attended Cocopah Middle School for the sixth grade.

Although Emma Stone did not like school, she has stated that her controlling nature meant that “I made sure I got all As”. Emma Stone suffered panic attacks as a child, which she says caused a decline in her social skills.

Emma Stone moved from Los Angeles to Greenwich Village, New York City, in 2009. In 2016, she moved back to Los Angeles. Despite frequent media coverage, the actress has refused to speak about her private life.

Concerned with living a “normal” life, she has said that Emma Stone finds little value in media attention.

Emma Stone has expressed her fondness for her profession, and has cited actress Diane Keaton as an influence, who is (in Stone’s words) “one of the most covered-up actresses of all time”. Emma Stone has also named actress and singer-songwriter Marion Cotillard as one of her inspirations.

Emma Stone has a close relationship with her family. She says: “I am blessed with a great family and great people around me that would be able to kick me in the shins if I ever for one minute got lost up in the clouds.

I’ve been really lucky in that sense.” During the production of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2010, Stone dated co-star Andrew Garfield. The nature of their relationship was well-documented by the media, with frequent speculation about an impending engagement or a break-up.

The couple refused to talk about it publicly, though they made several appearances together. In 2015, they were reported to have broken up. According to Emma Stone, she suffers from asthma, which she discovered after having difficulty breathing while filming Easy A.

Emma Stone mother was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and was cured in 2008. Emma Stone and her mother celebrated by getting tattoos of birds’ feet, designed by Paul McCartney, a reference to the Beatles’ “Blackbird”, which is a song she and her mother love.

Emma Stone appeared in a Revlon campaign that promoted breast cancer awareness. In 2011, the actress featured in a collaborative video between Star Wars and Stand Up to Cancer, which aimed to raise funds for cancer research.

Two years later, Emma Stone attended an event by Gilda’s Club, an organization working for a similar purpose. From 2012 to 2014, Emma Stone hosted the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Revlon Run/Walk, which helps fight women’s cancer.

Emma Stone, alongside three other celebrities, was present at the 2012 Nickelodeon HALO Awards, a television special that profiled five teenagers who are “Helping And Leading Others” (HALO).

In 2014, on an occasion in New York, Emma Stone and Garfield encouraged paparazzi to visit websites, which spread awareness of causes, such as autism.

Emma Stone attended the 2014 Earth Hour, a worldwide movement for the planet organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

In 2015, Emma Stone was part of a fundraising event in support of the Motion Picture & Television Fund, which helps people in the television and film industry with limited or no resources.

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Emma Stone Net Worth Growth Estimate

The Net Worth and Income of Emma Stone is expected to continue to grow at a Medium pace. Over the next few years, Emma Stone’s net worth is likely to grow by around 52%.

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