Jio 5G Launch Date in India (Unlimited Data Plans Mobile SIM)

Jio 5G : Reliance Jio 5G & 6G is not long away for its launch in India (5G Launch In India). 5G Mobile SIM Internet is already available in many developed countries in the world and Reliance Jio is planning to introduce it in India with a bang, just like it did for 4G. Reliance Jio 5G Plan details are too early to call, but they are expected to be 15 times more faster than 4G Plans. We may get the full fledged 5G experience around the year 2018. Research groups and companies are testing their proposed 5G equipments and technologies all around the world. Jio 5G Speed test already has proven that there is no stopping for Reliance in Indian Telecommunications Industry. Reliance is expected to become a market leader with the launch of Jio 5G.

Jio 5G Launch in India

Jio 5G Launch Date Late 2017
Plan Tariff 10X
Speeds 1Gbps-3Gbps
Availability Prepaid & Postpaid

Jio 5G Speed Test

While testing the 5G Internet speeds, we have seen an impressive and astounding performance. The average download speed has clocked over 2500 mbps (2.5 GB Per Second). Below, we have provided the screen shot of the 5G Speed Test for your reference.

jio 5g speed test Jio 5G Launch Date in India (Unlimited Data Plans Mobile SIM)

Jio 5G Vs Jio 4G

The major difference from a user point of view between Jio 4G and Jio 5G techniques must be something else than increased peak bit rate. It could be higher number of simultaneously-connected devices, higher system-spectral efficiency (data volume per area unit), lower battery consumption, lower outage probability (better coverage).

Few more differences between Jio 5G and Jio 4G are high bit rates in larger portions of coverage area, lower latencies, higher number of supported devices, lower infrastructure deployment costs, higher versatility and scalability or higher reliability of communications.

5G standards and protocols are still under debate. They are not finalized yet.

Once standards are defined then we need to understand does 5G can be implemented using existing telecom infrastructure like using current BTS (mobile towers) or we need to upgrade technology.

Although 5G standards are still under debate  minimum bandwidth (download speed) could be around 1Gb/sec.

Additional Details on Jio 5G

Jio 5G planning aims at higher capacity than current Jio 4G, allowing a higher density of mobile broadband users, and supporting device-to-device, ultra reliable, and massive machine communications.

Jio 5G is technology which will enable self-driving cars. For a vehicle moving at 100 Kmph it is too long a time, and can get fatal. Jio 5G brings down latency to < 1ms.

Jio 5G is new network system. This technology is better than 4G in downloading speed of 10,000 Mbps, uploading and browsing speed.

Jio 5G will be a flexible and scalable mobile access system based on a new radio interface designed to operate over a wide range of from less than 1 GHz and up to at least 40 GHz that will be deployed on both macro and small cells.

Jio 5G will not be about complicating anything. First and foremost, and before I throw some Jio 5G boilerplate at you, Jio 5G will be about simplifying things and Jio 5G will be about building essential flexibility into a system that is about to be hit by the most diverse set of requirements in any wireless generation.

In Jio 5G, it will no longer be about supporting just a few things. It will literally be about supporting everything – a wireless world that is the “Internet of everything” – as the first generation to target the array of verticals markets that in themselves will define the IoE and its many millions of yet-to-be-imagined applications. That support is the real Jio 5G challenge.

Expectations from Jio 5G

Jio 5g is expected to change the fate of telecommunications in India forever. Analysts already believe that Jio 5G will be one of the most successful ventures in the coming days.

Jio 5G will be made available for much cheaper prices compared to the economics of other countries like USA and Germany.

Another important thing to note about Jio 5G is that, as Reliance has already built the infrastructure that is necessary to build Jio 5G, the penetration is expected to be very high and at record levels in India.

There is also a scope that Reliance will expand its Jio 5G to other countries like Nigeria, England and Malaysia.

Jio 5G Phones will be made available for purchases as soon as SIM Cards are launched. We would like to caution the users before hand that, Jio 5G will not be launched across all parts of India at the same time.

Just like Reliance has launched the Jio 4G services on pilot mode in cities like Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad, Jio 5G will also be first launched in 15 selected cities.

Based on the feedback from the users and also after making detailed study of other aspects such as Signal Strength, Internet Speeds, Jio 5G Download Speeds and Jio 5G Upload speeds, it will be then launched across all other Indian cities.

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Conclusion : Jio 5G

Most people falsely assume that Jio 5G will be one step ahead of Jio 4G. However, Jio 5G will be 10 times better than Jio 4G.

With Jio 5G, the IoT will no longer be bound to things only; it will become Internet of Everything.

Needless to say, the upcoming Jio 5G technology is estimated to solve the shortcomings of the previous technology and deliver much more that still lies beyond our aspirations.

Updated: April 8, 2018 — 5:40 am
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