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What is the Answer length prescribed by ICAI for theory questions?. This is the most common query asked by the CA Students. Generally, theory questions will be asked in CA Exams for 4 marks, 5 marks and 8 marks. The length of answer should obviously different in each  case.

4 Marks theory questions are generally asked in the last section of the question paper of CA IPCC and CA Final both. For this, a short and simple answer is recommended.

Prescribed Length of Answer for Theory Questions

It is to hereby state that, ICAI haven’t prescribed any specific length for writing theory answers in exams.

However, based on the previous examiner comments, students are adviced to follow:

For 4 Marks Questions, 3/4th page answer is sufficient.

For 5 Marks Questions, a full page answer is recommended.

For 8 marks, One and half page answer is probable.

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Example Length of a 4 Marks Answer

Recommended length of answer if the given question is ‘Explain in brief about a Private Company‘.

Answer : A private company means a company which has a minimum paid-up capital as may be
prescribed, and by its articles –
(a) restricts the right to transfer its shares, if any;
(b) limits the number of its members to 200;
(c) prohibits any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares in, or debentures of, the
(d) prohibits any invitation or acceptance of deposits from persons other than its members,
directors or their relatives.

It should be noted that as the number of members of a private company has been raised from 50 to 200, some exemptions have been withdrawn due to higher number of members.

Is Answer length that important?

No, it is not always mandatory that an answer should be only of this length only. An 8 marks answer need not be 2 pages long. If you clearly state the Section and the Provision, you need not waste time on writing such lengthy answers.

What examiners see is that, whether you have covered all the points asked in the question, but not the length of the answer.

However, it is also not always right to finish the question very short. As the given question is a theory question, maintain a reasonable length.

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