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We have compiled Best Places and Cities for CA Articleship Training. CA Students are in a constant confusion as to which city is best for CA Articleship Training. Below we have provided a list of Top 10 Cities that are recommended for CA Students to undergo their Articleship and also Industrial Training. The list of best cities for Articleship was prepared based on many factors like Stipend, Learning opportunities etc.

1. Mumbai : Top Places for Articleship

Mumbai is undoubtedly the best place in India to undergo articleship training. You must be aware that, Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India. So, students who want to do their artilceship in big companies, Mumbai is your best choice.

The Culture of Mumbai is so diverse that, once you stay there for a while, you will fall in love with the city.

There are thousands of companies in Mumbai, as a result of which the number of CA Audit Firms are also very high. Stipend offered in Mumbai is also relatively better than most other cities.

The work culture in Mumbai is very sophisticated. If you are looking for good practical knowledge, Mumbai is the right place for you.

2. Pune : Top Places for Articleship

This is a students heaven. Pune has everything. Large companies, Big firms, low cost of living, high stipends and so on.

There are plenty of coaching centres which will make it easier for you to prepare for CA Final exams.

3. Chennai : Top Places for Articleship

Barring the cultural disparity, Chennai has equal number of Manufacturing and Service Industries.

The work culture in Chennai firms is very high standard and organised. Students who wants to become a Practicing CA and set up their own firm, this is the right place for you.

4. Hyderabad : Top Places for Articleship

This is the most under-rated place for Articleship. Hyderabad is the home of Service Industry in India (barring bangalore). The Stipends are not as high in above cities, but not bad at all.

There are large MNCs like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and also hundreds of manufacturing companies at your disposal.

5. New Delhi : Top Places for Articleship

The list is incomplete without the National Capital. New Delhi has equal number of CA Firms as in Mumbai. There are hundreds of companies too. See the list of Best CA Firms in Delhi.

New Delhi is recommended for students who are interested in Taxation related work.

Also. Delhi has the highest number of CA Coaching centres in India. Students from neighbouring UP, Haryana can chose Delhi.

The remaining spots goes to:

6. Ahmedabad

7. Mysore

8. Coimbatore

9. Bangalore

10 Kolkata

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  1. which r d best firm in Ahemdabad for audit department in ahemdabad for article ship?

  2. Can and ITT and articleship be done together?

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